Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Compassion Key®?

The Compassion Key is a simple yet powerful system for healing the inner child and clearing karmic imprints and distortions. People who work with The Compassion Key often report miracles in their financial life, relationships and health, as well as greater purpose alignment and feelings of lightness, relief and a coming home to their true self.

The technique centers around specific applications of self-directed compassion, the key to healing and integrating wounded aspects of ourselves and simultaneously clearing the karma that is blocking our soul’s pure light from shining through into form in every part of our life.

Where does it come from?

The Compassion Key was developed by Edward Mannix after working for a number of years with a hidden master in England who gave him a number of the system’s core components, which he added to and further developed in order to create The Compassion Key in its current form.

Edward began helping individuals with The Compassion Key in 2009, teaching webinars and group programs in 2013 and certifying Compassion Key Practitioners in 2015. To date, The Compassion Key has touched tens of thousands of lives around the world.


Can The Compassion Key help me with…?

Regardless of what words you end the above sentence with, the answer is “Yes”.

The basic premise of this work is that not only our physical body but the entirety of our lived reality is either a true and accurate embodiment of our soul’s pure light projecting into form, or it is a distortion of that light created by karma/karmic imprints.

Therefore, this work has the ability to touch and transform any and all aspects of your life.

For example, if you have experienced numerous experiences of betrayal in your life, we would say that you very likely have a karmic imprint for betrayal, which is repeatedly projecting those people, situations and circumstances into your life that end up causing you to feel betrayed. When you clear that betrayal imprint with The Compassion Key, your soul’s light can shine through into form and manifest as mutually supportive, loving, life-giving relationships on all sides. No more distortions showing up. No more betrayal.

We take the potentially radical view that anything that does not bring you joy and that is not a reflection of your heart and soul’s deepest desires is a karmic distortion that can be cleared quickly or over time with the power of your own compassion. Our role as Compassion Key Practitioners is to guide you through the process of identifying and clearing the karmic imprints and distortions which are responsible for your suffering and disappointment in every part of your life.


What types of results can I expect?

We can never guarantee specific outcomes over specific time frames. We can however say that a very high percentage of people who engage with this work in a meaningful way get meaningful breakthroughs and transformations as a result.

We often (but not always) witness such rapid transformations that people say it feels like a miracle, a spontaneous and unexpected manifestation of their heart and soul’s deepest desires.

Please see some of Edward's testimonials here and read the reviews on each practitioners’ profile page in order to get an idea of some of the experiences others are having with The Compassion Key.


I love this work, and while I don't see myself becoming a professional practitioner I want to give some sessions to friends and family members. Is this a good idea, or where I can get some basic training to make sure I'm helping them in the best possible way?

We recommend that if you want to support people close to you, the very best thing you can do is either complete at least Level I Certification and/or refer them to a practitioner who can provide them with professional support.

While it may look easy when Edward or others are doing short cut technique facilitations on calls, each certified practitioner on the site has not only received in depth teachings & empowerments and completed numerous practice hours, but also experienced transformational processes that have shifted their fields so that breakthroughs and miracles can happen more easily in their presence.

If you'd like to share The Compassion Key love, please complete at least Level I Certification or refer people to the certified practitioners on this site here. Or perhaps some of your friends and loved ones might enjoy The Compassion Key Quick Start and/or attending a group clearing call.

Thank you.

Do you offer refunds?

Some but not all of our programs come with a 30-day fully money back guarantee, and if there is a 30-day guarantee, this should be plainly visibile on the registration page and in the check out process.

There are no refunds on private sessions with Edward or any of the practitioners he has certified who are listed on this site. Nor are there full or partial refunds on packages of private sessions. This information and other important information is included in the The CompassionKey.Com Terms Of Participation & Waiver.